Finally, after more than a year of trying.. we’re pregnant!

It was a long road towards a successful pregnancy for us. A lot of work up with our OB-GYNE and about 10 negative pregnancy tests were all it took. There were times that I wanted to just give up and accept that I’m not going to have another baby but just when we stopped thinking about it and trying… the blessing came!

I’m on my 12th week today and we announced only a few weeks ago because I had a rough start. I had subchorionic bleeding and was on a total bed rest for 3 weeks. My pregnancy at the time was high risk for abortion so we were really careful and silent.

A week ago, I was due for another ultrasound and thank God, the bleeding was reabsorbed. I’m not yet off the hook though so I’m still advised to take it easy and rest from time to time.

Here’s our baby DJ:


I’m taking it easy so that I’ll be in good condition come December 29. We’re going on a cruise and I need my OB to sign a medical certificate saying I’m fit to go. 😀

Peaches has been really happy and she’s excited to feel DJ kick. She’s been a very good Ate. She reminds me to walk slowly or reminds me to take my vitamins, eat my vegetables and so on. She even sat beside my bed when I felt nauseous and told all sorts of stories to keep my mind off the pain.

Truly, DJ and I feel blessed to be surrounded by amazing and loving family and friends.

Please do continue praying for me and DJ!