I had a great time picking out new shoes from the sale over at Payless yesterday and I wondered how can I wear these lovely shoes without getting any blisters. Blisters is one of my biggest concerns when sporting a new shoes whether it’s heeled or not. I remember my Dad (or was it my Mom?) telling me to bite the new shoes before using it so that it won’t give me blisters. To tell you, I use to do this but I have proven countless times that this DO NOT WORK.

So here are some more logical ways that could prevent blisters when wearing new shoes:

1. Find the perfect shoe size. Even if this does not guarantee blister free feet, it will help in avoiding one. If the shoes is snug, don’t get it. Your feet don’t grow small, so always get the size where there’s enough room for your toes. Too snug shoes can also blackened your toenails.

2. Use your new shoes around the house to “wear” the leather a bit before using it in public. Break it in, as they say.

3. Test walk it so you would feel which spots would likely rub on your feet and put petroleum jelly or wax (I use candle) in that area to make it smooth.

4. You can rub a dry bar of soap on your feet where the shoes rub the most.

5. Spray your feet with foot deodorant which will keep your feet dry, moisture makes your feet develop blister.

6. If you do get a blister, put bandaid to the area where it hurts and it will be good to go.

7.  There are blister cushions available in the US but I have not seen any in Manila yet. If you do please give me a holler to where I can buy them.