>Today, October 12, 2010,IndoFood and TriDharma launched their newest product in the Philippine Market, Promina. The panel who led the launch were as follows:

From left to right: Mr. Julio D. Sy Jr. (President of TAO Corporation), Rene dela Calzada (President of TriDharma Marketing Corporation), Mr. Andi Setiadi (Advisor of Indofood), Ms. Susan Buhain (Marketing Manager of Indofood), Fely Velandria (FNRI consultant), and Dr. Felizardo Gatcheco, MD, MSc (Associate Professor, Pediatric Gastroenterologist and Clinical Epidemiologist)

What is Promina?
Promina is a complement food for babies ages 6 months onwards. It was clear from the start that Promina was not created as a substitute for breastfeed milk but as a supplement. Promina contains 15 vitamins and minerals that will help boost your child’s growth and development. Promina contains prebiotic Fructo Oligo Saccharide which helps your babies digestive system. It also has Omega 3 and Omega 6.

Who manufactured Promina? 
 Indofood, a leading company of total food solutions in Indonesia, partnered with TriDharma Marketing Corporation (a consumer brands distribution of TAO Corporation) to bring to the Filipino consumers a product that has been tested and created specific for their needs. The companies aim to help stop malnutrition in the Philippines by providing accessible and affordable complement/supplement food for babies.

What are the Promina flavors? 
There are seven (7) flavors of Promina and they are as follows: Brown rice, chicken and vegetables, brown rice and chicken, mung bean, banana, beef and broccoli, salmon in lemon sauce and the all time favorite, lugaw (porridge). Of all the flavors, my favorite is beef and broccoli. All tastes good and I’m sure the babies will love them.

Where can I buy Promina?
Promina will be available in all leading supermarkets (except SM–don’t ask me why, I don’t know either) where Kopiko coffee is sold, Promina will most likely be sold there too.
The good news of it all, Promina will be made available to your favorite sari-sari store. Promina comes in 3 packaging– the big box, a box which contains individually packed Promina and sachet.
I give them 10 stars for the sachets! Now all Moms can buy a single sachet to test which flavor their kids will love the most before buying the bigger pack.
Since sachet will be available in your local sari-sari store, even the average income earners can have access to nutritious complement food for their babies! I envision our country to be malnutrition free in the next years to come.

How much is Promina?
Suggested Retail Price are as follows:

100g Promina Box P49

120g box P69

Promina sachet P8.75

It’s very affordable compared to the leading brand of complement food. Plus the nutritional values are specific to the Filipino babies and their needs.

How to Prepare Promina?
It’s simple, just add hot water and it’s ready to eat! The amount of water depends on what consistency you want your cereal to be.

The launch was really nice, organized by great people and the speakers were very informative too.
Here’s some of the things I learned from the speakers:

1. Exclusive Breastfeeding means you give nothing else to your child but breast milk–not even water.

2. There are other categories such as Breastfeeding + complementary food, Other milk + complementary food, Other milk

3. Extensive research and studies show that it is BEST to introduce food to our kids at 4 months onwards provided that you feel that they are ready. One of the signs that your baby is ready for his/her first taste of food is that there’s decreased tongue thrust.

4. Offer the food 15-20 times before giving up if the child refuses to taste it.

5. The Mom provides healthy food to eat and a good environment for the child to eat. The child should then be given the chance to decide whether he or she wants to eat and how much or less.

6. Eating is behavioral.

7. When a child eats, let him use all his senses. Forget the mess.

If you’ve used this product, please tell me what you think of it! 
I am for products for a cause. The people behind Promina vows to help lessen malnutrition in our country and I support them all the way.

Thanks to my fellow Mommy blogger, Tetcha for the invite.