>Product Reviews: White Hat vs. Yoh-gurt froz

>White Hat costs more than Yoh-gurt Froz but I would say it’s worth it. With White Hat, I can finish every scoop because the yogurt mix isn’t too sweet or too sour– just right. With Yoh-gurt froz, I had to force myself finish their regular serving. It was too sweet (even for a sweet tooth like me) and it felt like it’ll give me sore throat if I eat more of it. 

So to my dear friend, Kat, no second (or third) serving of Yoh-gurt froz for us. 
As for the number of add-ons, White Hat and Yoh-gurt froz equally has the same varieties which I think is second of importance to the taste of the yogurt itself.  
This goes without saying that White Hat wins by total knock out. 
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