While I was away on a trip to Europe, Peaches was given a nursery rhyme to recite at the last quarter of the school year. And Troy immediately started teaching her and reading the words to her. A week later, Peaches memorized the entire nursery rhyme!!!

Her practice sheet starts on December 5, which asks us to write her name on the dates when she starts practicing… but Peaches is way too early! 😀 I guess we just have to make sure she never forgets.

Here’s her nursery rhyme:

A Cat Came Fiddling Out of A Barn

A cat came fiddling out of a barn,
With a pair of bagpipes under her arm.
She could sing nothing but fiddle dee dee,
The mouse has married the bumblebee.
Pipe, cat; dance, mouse;
We’ll have a wedding at our good house.