Years back when it was just me and my husband, I never really paid much attention to the powder detergent we used at home. For me it was just all the same mostly because I didn’t do much of the washing myself. When my daughter came and life became more hectic due to mountain loads of responsibilities to face on each day, I realized how important efficient washing machine and powder detergent are!


The wake up call came when I was pregnant and I noticed how much I hated the smell of the powder detergent we were using then. It was so strong and it was making me nauseous. I had to literally go to the supermarket and sniff all the powder on the isle and finally settled on Pride. It smelled clean and not obnoxious at all.


Even Ted,our cat, likes Pride!

I also realized that it was working well with the baby clothes for my daughter as she didn’t sneeze so much when wearing a Pride washed clothing. From then on, I am a loyal Pride Powerwash user.

Pros of Using Pride Detergent Powder:

  1. Stain away formula – Really effective! My 6-year old daughter often spills spaghetti sauce on her school uniform but it always comes out good as new with Pride.
  2. Low foam (Tamang bula) – Just follow the right scoop for your washing machine load and the foam will be easy to rinse off. No need to do extra rinsing which costs more water and energy consumption. I’m sure my washing machine has been thanking me for years!
  3. Proper formulation, no chalk – Don’t you hate it when chalk clogs your washing machine? So hard to get it out especially on automatic washers. Thanks to Pride for being true to their word. Their powder is made of fine granules that won’t clog your machine’s motor.
  4. Affordable – I find it really sulit to use compared with other brands. I approve of its smell and stain away formula, my daughter approves of the no-itch effect on her skin, and my wallet approves of the price too!


Absolutely nothing!

The best way to find out is to head to your nearest supermarket and grab a bag of Pride Powder Detergent and compare with the brand you’re currently using. If you’re a Proud Pride Mom like me, what Pride variety are you using? I’d love to know your opinion through the comment section below!