>Hey Moms,

Just a few reminders before we fully plunge on the Halloween party. 

1. Remember not to force your kids into costumes they are not comfortable wearing–you don’t want tantrums do you? 

2. Please give age appropriate candies. No bubble gums for toddlers and younger. Save us from crying and screaming when we sort our kids’ candies and remove “unwanted” ones. 

3. Make sure your kids are not scared of their costume, for obvious reasons. 

4. Be safe when trick or treating. Costumes can be a bad person’s perfect excuse to do their bad deeds. 

5. Bring water for the kids. You don’t want sore throat 🙂 

6. Make sure you pack extra clothes so the kids can change after trick or treating. 

7. Make sure the area you are trick or treating is safe for your kids’ age. 

Hmmm…that;s what all I can think of. Above all things, be safe and have fun!