>My Mother in law got invites to Enchanted Kingdom’s 15th Anniversary and she asked Troy, Peaches and I to go instead. That was yesterday when the rain was pouring hard every 30 minutes to an hour! 

There was a time when Mr. Sun smiled on us and allowed Peaches to ride the carousel, the train and walk around Enchanted Kingdom. We didn’t get to enjoy Philippine’s prime theme park because of the rain and the crowd! It was so full of screaming elementary students from different schools having their excursion. 

Then when we just decided to wait for the 6:30PM fireworks, it rained—hard. And so Peaches got bored and decided it was not worth to wait anymore.  We arrived 4PM and left hastily at 6:30PM and spent almost a thousand! Jeezuz. 

We paid for Peaches’ entrance and ride all you can ticket for P320 (children 36 inches and above had to pay the entrance and the rides) and then P150 for Ate’s entrance and limited ride tickets. 

We never saw the fireworks and never had dinner (which was part of the invitation) because the program which was suppose to start at 4PM didn’t start when we last checked at 6PM. 

The only fun part was when we were on the car, happily chatting and Peaches playing. 

Here are the photos I took:

wizard squeaky for P50 

I hope one day we could go back and Peaches will have more time sans the long lines. 

Suggestions for the Enchanted Kingdom management:

1. Perhaps a stroller for rent? The ones for rent are rusty and I’m afraid to use it. 

2. Are all rides suppose to stop when it’s raining? 

3. More covered seats for the rain and the sun

4. Perhaps a map? or signs so people would know where to go and not just wander aimlessly and actually get lost. 

5. P320 for a 2 year old?! You must check your rules on heights. Not because my child is tall, she would enjoy all the rides. 

6. If you insist on P320 for the toddlers, at least add more rides for them. You only have 3 that a toddler can ACTUALLY ride.