Last Saturday I woke up early to prepare for a day of discovering the benefits
of raw food and preparation. My good friend,
, started her plight to sustainable living and she’s such an inspiration
to me that I know I just can’t miss her first ever raw food demo. My husband
is becoming a health nut and I myself is in dire need of a better lifestyle
needless to say, the demo couldn’t be of perfect timing. Lakapati taught us
how to do raw Thai ice cream (using nothing but a blender and a fridge to set
the ice cream of course).


Then there’s my favorite Green Juice made of Pechay, buko juice and some magic
ingredients. I can send you the recipe if you like, I just need to ask permission
from our raw food goodness first.

Green juice made of Pechay
But my super fave recipe was the Green smoothie! I
tell you it’s the best smoothie I’ve ever tasted. It’s actually made of Pechay,
buko juice, guyabano, banana and lime.

Green Smoothie from heaven

Green Smoothie


It was a great day and I thank Lakapati for generously sharing her knowledge
and energy to her friends. Here’s to a better life ahead! 🙂