Reading and Re-reading Working Mom’s June Issue

I recently got hold of a copy of Working Mom’s June Issue and the topics were so timely! It was really helpful and entertaining at the same time. I love the topic on baon ideas and study room makeover.  As you all know, we recently moved in on our new home and any tips on room make overs are very much welcome (so far I am done with my dining area). Baon ideas I also need so much because the little girl will be back in school in a week and she complains when I don’t give her proper baon—-okay, bad mom awardee here but I get so busy that sometimes I just throw in whatever’s in our pantry. I read the article on Working Mom and I realized baon/snacks is as important as the major meals of the day.


From Working Mom Issue

Oh and Gary V and his daughter Kiana is the cover of Working Mom’s June issue. I heard it’s their first ever Dad-daughter tandem and I must say that Gary and Kiana are the best models. I think this is also in celebration of Father’s day on the 3rd.

Here are the interesting topics on Working Mom’s June issue:

HAIR TO GO – cool back to school haircuts for kids

BOSOM BUDDIES– find the perfect bra for you

PROJECT PREGNANCY– for my TTC friends!

FAMILY– survive a new school year

10 TOYS FOR THE BOYS– gift ideas for Dads

TAME THAT CLUTTER– I seriously think this article was intended for me! I swear!

INSURANCE 101– what do you know, I recently had a talk with my cousin about educational plans and the risk *but that’s another story*

QUICK AFTER SCHOOL SPECIALS– love love love the recipes!

I recommend all my Mommy friends to grab a copy of Working Mom’s June issue and read all these fun stuff!
After doing so, please share your insights about the articles. I would love to hear your ideas.

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