Blog post updated: February 9, 2011

When I was in still in College, I was drinking Athena milk for women to keep my health in check and balanced because I was staying up late for exams and reviews, burning my eyebrows on parasites and microorganisms. I do believe that milk can do wonders on my skin and my overall being. I was still not exposed to coffee then so milk it was. I remember Athena as being sweet and delicious so when I was called to attend the re-launching of Athena, I jumped and excitedly went.

Athena is Unilab’s first milk for women that helps women fight their everyday battles with a triad of its health benefits- beautiful skin, strong bones and slim figure.

Athena offers:

  • Beautiful Skin. Athena provides anti-oxidants (Vitamin A, E & Zinc) to help women’s skin become healthier and more beautiful.
  • Strong Bones. Athena is high in calcium to help strengthen women’s bones.
  • Slim Figure. Athena is low in fat to help women maintain a slimmer figure.

It comes in two flavors: Vanilla and Chocolate

Athena Milk for Women is embodied by 3 beautiful women Lia Cruz, Sandra Seifert and Rissa Mananquil who each said and attested to the benefits of Athena for them. While watching them I was like, “Okay I’m sold!”
And Athena’s TV endorser is none other than the beautiful Mom and Model, Bianca Araneta Elizalde who said that Athena helps her keep her lifestyle balanced.

To quote Ms. Brenda Miranda, Unilab’s Nutritional Division Head
“Women were looking for a milk product that provides not only health benefits but beauty benefits as well. Athena with Beautrition answers that need and we’re proud to have launched the first and only milk in the Philippines that truly understands women.”

And I say, INDEED!
Athena is now available in all supermarkets, groceries and leading drug stores nationwide!

How much is Athena milk for women?

Athena Milk & Choco 180g SRP – P 130.00
Athena Milk 400g SRP – P273.00, however, SM priced it lower, its about P123 & 264

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