>Hello everyone! (if there’s anyone left of my blogger friends)

I’ve been away from my blog for a long time because of my work. I just didn’t have the proper mind to post a decent one everytime I’m done with my day. No, my boss isn’t a slave driver, it’s really me who’s a workaholic. That’s what happens when you love what you’re doing 🙂

Anyways, you must be wondering about my plans for P’s Chinese language lessons. Well, anytime soon I’ll be receiving my first “lesson plan” for her so wish me luck. In the meantime, she’s learning a lot from Dora (the explorer). She knows simple words like abre, cierra, busina, bate, remeneate, azul, verde, arco iris, la lechuza, hace, silencio, por favor…. She’s really cute. She tries to say the words but of course it’s still abit garbled but you get it once you hear the same songs (where she learns the words from) 1Million times a day (lol)

Oh yeah it’s mother’s day today. 😉 I was greeted by lots of friends and family and I appreciate each one who remembered. We spent the day driving around Pasig looking for a place to “chill out”. We tried the Scholastic Book Buffet but went away disappointed. We then went to Fun Ranch to make up for Peaches’ lost book opportunities (oh, she loves to read her books) and actually found a potential preschool for her this coming June. The tot didn’t have the chance to snooze the entire day because she was too busy playing. Our last stop was Tiendesitas where SIL made a few shopping(nice pants, dear!)

Dinner was served by FIL (MIL is somewhere in Europe so…) and I was glad I was at least off the stove for a while! 🙂 But I wasn’t off the hook when Peaches started to scream and cry when it was bedtime. *sigh*

I guess you read and hear it all the time that being a mom is a 24/7 job with no compensation, no paid leaves, no sick leaves, no quarterly bonuses, sometimes you’re unappreciated, no excuses when you’re tired and most of all resignation is impossible–but you know, it’s the truth. That’s what and who we are. Moms will always be that way. I wanted a whole day of un interrupted sleep today but I know it was impossible so I gave up on the idea because even if my body wants me to, my mind and heart won’t stop thinking what will happen to my child and husband while I sleep the day.

Ahhh…whatever.. being a mom pays. (Thanks, Tita ROchelle 🙂 )