I was so scared of Dengue hitting our home that I bought a Baygon spray without those nice smelling additive to really kill the mosquitoes. Problem was, our neighbor complained that it was too strong she can smell it on her unit. I told our Administrator I wouldn’t have done it if it’s not a potential health risk for Peaches and I will continue doing it even if she files a complaint. So what to do? I told the Admin to ask the complainant what time he/she leaves the house so I can use those times to spray. At the end, we came into agreement and that I can spray all I want from 2:30 PM onwards. 

Looks like we have to adjust big time. 2:00 PM is Peaches naptime! I don’t know how this will work out yet. Maybe try spraying on weekends but what if we leave earlier than 2:30 (which is most likely the situation)? Dang. 
The joys of living in a condo.