We had to bring Peaches to her Grandparents’ home in Ortigas and leave her there overnight because T and I had so much to do the following day and that we don’t want to leave her alone with our helper. It’s this idea that helpers tend to kurot babies when they cry so much that scares the hell out of me. Paranoid? Nah, I just don’t want to take a chance.

Anyhoo, we picked Peaches the following day. I noticed that she wouldn’t sleep. She would but then after a FEW minutes, she’ll wake up and cry. We both didn’t sleep well the entire night (T’s snoring through all this..lol). Until this today, she sleeps for 5-10 mins then wakes up and would always want to be carried. She’s never like this….

I figured, she must have felt abandoned. Perhaps she’s angry with me and T for leaving her? Although we told her she was going to stay with Grumpy and Granny for a while and that Mummy and Daddy will pick her up the following day. Maybe she was scared when she woke up Mummy was not there to sing her to sleep, Mummy was not there to check her daippies at dawn…. I feel like crying…I can see she’s sad. She didn’t smile at me this morning after she had her bath. She didn’t like our Sing a song time together…. *sob*