I have a very cool client with a very cool B2C business and it’s about DOGS!

Working with the client made me revisit childhood memories with our dogs. Growing up, I was surrounded by dogs of all sizes. With my parents’ business, guard dogs are essential for us. They kept us safe at night and tire us during the day for most of them needed play and exercise.


My very first dog was a Collie and we named her Veedol after a type of lubricant sold in Shell Stations years back (because my parents own one). She was a great dog and I guess we grew up together, only she had to cross the rainbow bridge at age 13. We then had poodles, German shepherds, local (mixed breed) dogs and Pomeranian too.

Once or twice a month, the vet goes to our house to check on the dogs. It’s very important to keep your dogs healthy especially if you’re keeping more than 1 breed. You don’t want to spread diseases and cause sickness on all of them. It’s also wise to have a veterinarian do the check up and medicine administration because dozes differ depending on the dog’s size and I think age.

My Dad gave wrong dose of laxative to one of the smaller dogs and it died. The vet told him the dose was enough for larger breeds like the German shepherds and Great Dane.

Today due to living restrictions, I can’t own a dog so instead, we have two cats- Ted & Peanut. I’d say having a cat is not as tedious and demanding as having a dog. You can leave cats alone in the house without fear of  your couch being eaten.

Then I learned about cool gadgets that dog owners use these days. gps tracker for dogs for instance, is normally used when you go out in the woods with your dogs. It’s to keep track of them when they need to run around and be possibly separated from you.

How about you, what’s the name of your first dog? And why’d you name him/her as such?