I’ve asked friends who are experts on eating and drinking right and they said it’s safe.

One friend quipped, ” Heck, I’m giving my kids soda and it must be wayyy harmful than a cup of tea”.


Hmm..that makes sense doesn’t it? Personally, I dislike any kind of soda. It hurts my throat when I swallow. So you’re assured that soda is not a staple in our home but tea and coffee are. We love tea and coffee! I think we may even be addicted to both!

Have you ever tried tazo chai before?

My husband, my daughter and myself have a 1 day per month trip to our favorite spa for a relaxing massage. The spa salon offers tea after your massage and Peaches I think associate calmness, relaxation and peace with tea.

She often asked to have a cup of tea in the afternoon and I indulge her. Not all tea contain caffeine. There are actually herbal tea that are good for your tots!

But before anything else, remember to steep tea for kids for about 2-3 minutes only. If the tea you’re giving is strong, dilute it with more water.

Here’s a list of herbal tea that’s perfect for kids and their benefit too:¬†


– Peaches likes the taste of flower! And Chamomile is great for alleviating anxiety, insomnia and fever. When the child has fever, a hot tea is a nice treat because it soothes them.

Peppermint or Mint

– I found out that Peppermint tea is a good mild cough suppressant. I let Peaches drink Peppermint tea before sleeping when she has cough. It has helped her not sound like a pressed frog in the morning.