Contrary to what you might think, this is not a paid post nor any kind of paid advertisement. This is an applaud to Safeguard for creating an effective product and finally a product that does not sugar coat their tag lines on commercials and prints.

I just thought of trying Safeguard for a change (read: I am a perpetual trial and error Mom) and I was really happy I did because I won’t be going back to the usual fragrant body soap that we are so used to. Safeguard proves to be true in their taglines- “Kills 99% Germs” because I noticed that Peaches is less “sticky” even after hours of playing and DH’s towel lasts longer than it’s usual 3-day-life. And to be honest, if you’re not doing any strenuous activity Safeguard can last you a day without smelling like Kebab.

I also like that Safeguard came up with these nice scents such as menthol, fresh, floral, etc and I’m into trying out their tawas version. Finally a product that does not exaggerate on commercials and prints.

Don’t get me wrong, I still use fragrant body soap/ body wash but I reserve those for special occasions but for our daily usage, I insist on Safeguard. Moms should just take extra caution when using it with your preschoolers because it’s not tear free 😀

So, are you willing to try it for a week and see it there’s any difference?  Tell me!