When I was on my Holy land trip, Peaches accidentally locked herself inside our room–alone. Now, don’t get me started on what I imagined she might do inside unwatched. So we got this Safety First’s Grip n’ Twist Door knob cover from the US. I don’t know if it’s available in the PH but as far as I know it’s not sold on any stores in Robinson’s Galleria.

So I excitedly put them on all of our doors while Peaches was still in school. One pack contains 3 covers and we have all doors covered. To assemble, secure and fastened the halves on the knob. It has two secure buttons on its sides that you are supposed to push then twist to open the door. The label says it’s use to deter the child from locking and opening the door so I waited for Peaches to come home and see what happens.

Don’t hold your breathe, turns out Peaches can still lock the door but couldn’t twist the knob which is really bad. I read the label again and it says I should put it away when my child is old enough to counter it. Ekkk.


So this is for children who aren’t tall enough to open and close the door? So why would I want to protect my child who can’t even reach the door knob much more open it?