Care to guess how many Frozen themed birthday parties we’ve been to since October this year? Let’s just say, it’s enough that I’ve probably seen too many versions of Queen Elsa- there’s the super skinny Elsa, the heavy Elsa, the dark Elsa and the prettiest Elsa. Kids from Peaches’ class are turning 6 or 7 so the themes are if not Frozen, are more girly girl ┬álike Barbie, Bratz, Tea party or Rainbow party. Of all, I notice none of them hired clowns and magicians. Instead, I saw singing groups ala Hi-5, Frozen team with singing Elsa and Anna, balloon twisting while singing and dancing.


These are the new trends, I noticed. At the age of 7 and up, clowns are not as visible anymore, magicians are rare too!

I wonder how parents and the celebrant come up with their themes. Do you as parent, follow your child’s theme in mind or you always have the last say?

In our case, it’s always our child who has the last say when it concerns her. Of course as long as it won’t hurt her or impede her growth.