>My bestfriend lost his Dad a few years back. He was never close to his Dad eventhough he was all he got since his Mom left them. But when Tito died, Ryan (my bestfriend), felt guilty for not saying I LOVE YOU to his Dad (not once, not ever). I think the reason was that they both felt it was ‘unmanly’ to say I LOVE YOU to each other. And plus the fact that they only see each other few times a week (though they live in the same house). Ryan spends most of his time with friends or with me. When he’s home, his dad’ s not and vice versa. They were both emotionally affected by the loss of a parent and a wife and instead of finding comfort from each other, they drove each apart. And so when the time came, saying I LOVE YOU came too late for Ryan.

I hope you don’t let this happen to you. I sure don’t. I say I LOVE YOU to my parents EVERYDAY. Troy says I LOVE YOU to them too (and to his parents and siblings as well). I say I LOVE YOU to my husband several times a day too. I know actions speak louder than words but saying it makes a lot of difference. I feel secured and comforted.

Don’t waste time, say what you feel. I hope you won’t be saying I LOVE YOU too late.