I’m not sure if there’s a real Mr. Vincent Hangartner but I received an email today from vinhtthangco@gmail.com which states:


 Please confirm to me if you have 3 double rooms available for 6 guest
from 20th to 30th January 2015.

We shall make a deposit of $2,000 to secure the rooms for the guest with
credit card.Will that be possible?. If yes, please provide with with the

(1) YOUR FULL NAME (who will receive and charge the card)..


(3) PHONE NUMBERS……… for easy contact
(4)Type of credit card accepted

 (Should there be no available rooms in the above mentioned dates,Please
kindly inform me of the availability for 10 days in the month of January

Vincent Hangartner

United State.



Why it is a scam:

1. I received this email from our cleaning company’s email address under the spam folder.

2. Email address and Name doesn’t match.

3. Google search led me to this.


Careful Y’all!

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Renz Mom to 2 beautiful girls, Peaches & Luzy. WAHM for 13 years and then I opened a small condo and office cleaning business. That's just the start. Follow me as I walk along my entrepreneurial journey. I hope you'll learn a thing or two from my experiences.

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