If you’re a true blooded Pinoy you will know what I’m talking about. I’m sure you’re mouths’ watering with the thoughts of that cup full of cold pink ice and powdered milk. 

I used to buy those on the streets, I didn’t care if magic sugar was in it and I didn’t think where the water or ice came from. It’s ironic that when I bought scramble on a decent stand on a mall, I get ameoba! 

Oh well. Yes, there are now mall based scramble stand and you would normally see queuing. So far I tried the one in Megamall (the exact store name escapes me) and the one in Robinson’s Galleria, Manila Scramble. 
Both sells P10, P15 and P17 scramble depending on the size. Additional P3 for every topping you want. A bit pricey compared to the street price which is around P10 but you are somewhat promised with a cleaner scramble—well except in my situation. 

I like Manila Scramble’s taste better than the one in Megamall. It’s close to the original taste; by original I meant the one sold on the streets 😉 

I trust Robinson’s Quality control is way better than Megamall’s so I am hoping that the stalls there sell clean food and refreshments. So go on and get your scramble, nao na!