Wow, seriously?

I have heard of restaurants in Singapore and some parts of the US were diners with kids are refused to be served or let in. There were also some who were brave and even posted a NO KIDS ALLOWED sign on their restaurant doors.

But this one’s new to me…a mall intolerant of screaming kids.


Watch the video from Yahoo screen.

What’s your take on this?

Mine is that parents are responsible for their kids and while it’s true that we should be sensitive to the feelings of the other paying customers, these meltdowns are waaayy unpredictable. If your kids misbehave, try your best to call your child’s attention and discipline them. I agree that a restaurant (especially if it’s a fine dining restaurant) is infact not a playground and definitely not a place for kids to run around.

But a mall is a different situation especially if a mall houses playgrounds or play centers. A mall is a common place for families and I would be expecting a lot of screaming kids on areas with playgrounds nearby. If you can’t tolerate screaming, best not to stay on areas as such.

I understand that there are people who can’t tolerate kids and to their untrained ears, screaming kids would sound like diamond saw blades.
This is I think the reason why establishments need to put up signs like Family friendly store or Kid friendly store so parents would know what to expect.