Peaches was breastfed for 3 months but she was taking in more than I can produce that I eventually stopped and gave her powdered milk. We started with Nan-HW to Nan HW2 to Nan 2 and now we are trying to switch to Gain PLus Advance, Enfa, Nido Jr. or Promil progress which ever she likes. Since Sunday, I’ve been giving her Gain Plus Advance and so far she likes it. Though I don’t see any change on her eating pattern or her milk in take pattern. She’s always had a big appetite.I plan to let her take Gain for a month or so before trying on the other brands. I am meticulous on the DHA content of the milk because I want her brain to be fully nourished for better development.

We have yet to return to our Pedia for our check-up. I scheduled it later this month or early March. I have so many questions for my pedia and I just can’t wait anymore. 

Can you enlighten me on which milk is better?