photo taken at Jerusalem when we did the Way of the Cross
When I was little my parents and I never traveled on a Holy Week. My Mom’s keen on observing the Holy Week the traditional way. We attend processions, masses, went to 7 churches to do the Way of the Cross (2 stations per church), kiss Jesus’ image on our diocese, Mom participates on “pabasa” and finally attend the early Easter mass on Sunday. 
When I left for college, things changed. There were times I could not go home because of my hospital duties or was coerced by my friends to go to the beach or wherever. I also experienced visiting 7 churches in Metro Manila by foot and no food intake just water (as part of our self sacrifice). I was with my cousin and Aunt so it was fun 🙂  After the visits, we ate like there was no tomorrow lol. 
The following years, I vaguely remember. It was spent with Troy’s family or my Grandmother. 
But this year, I plan to do the traditional way again. Except the “pabasa” part. 
I wish I could ask my friend Kat to join me but she will vomit with the thought of it. My cousins are either in the province or in the States so there’s really no one left except Troy (which I think would want to rest). 

But we’ll see, I’m sure my MIL will have something in mind.