Shaken by Shakey’s And Some Pizza Tipid Tips

As you all know Peaches had her pizza party at her school and of course being a frugal Mom, I looked for the best option there is.

I planned on getting the pizza cards that Shakey’s and Pizza Hut offer to cut on our bills. So I went to Shakey’s to inquire about it. I approached the manager and told him I will purchase their pizza card and if I can use it right after paying for it.
To my disappointment and shock, the conversation went this way:

PinayMommyAdreamer:  Hi, I’d like to buy your pizza card and can I use it right after I pay for it? Because I will be buying for a birthday party for kids.

Manager: Sorry, Ma’am but we only allow usage of the pizza card on a regular order.

PinayMommyAdreamer: What do you mean regular order?

Manager: We only allow 3 free pizza per order.

PinayMommyAdreamer: Yes, I don’t think I need more than that. Because it’s a small kiddie party.

Manager: We don’t allow orders like that for parties.

Oh wow, so does Shakey’s ask each of their pizza card holder the REASON for buying their pizza?!

My gosh, I was so shocked I walked out.

I went to Pizza Hut instead and got all my answers and paid for my orders at the same day.
I paid for P350 on the palm card and paid for 3 boxes of pizza with a specific instruction to make it 16 slices instead of 8 because we’re serving those for kids and most often than not, younger kids can’t finish one whole slice of pizza (They can always ask for a refill, anyway). So that’s P1935 of 6 pizza goodness including the palm card and 3 1.5L of pepsi. And the best part, Pizza Hut delivered the boxes on time! 🙂

Tipid tip: If serving pizza, use palm card! And have the pizza sliced to 16 slices so the kids can hold it by themselves and finish it.


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