This post is inspired by one of the questions from Plurk raised by my good friend, Kat.

The background of the question is, what are the simple things that you felt were inadequate while growing up so now that you’re earning, you splurge on it.

Shopping bags

Most of the answers are really interesting like, one friend said she was always looking for scissors and nail cutters when she was little and she’s always the last in line to use it. So now, she splurge on  them (I imagine her having lots of scissors like in every corner of her home).

Another was shoes where he was envious of his classmates for getting new ones often but he couldn’t because they didn’t have enough money to buy new ones. So now, he buys them A LOT. Some said books. They were not getting a lot of them for different reasons but today, they buy their favorite books even if it’s too expensive.



Blessed with Enough

Me, I feel that I always had enough growing up so I think there’s really nothing that I can share. Except that I strive to give Peaches enough so she’d feel the same way when she’s older. I strive her to feel thankful for what she’s got and really know the value of her things whether small or big.

Though Troy has mentioned several times that he was not given a lot of things (well as compared to what his siblings are getting now) and so I try to give him what he missed on like Nintendo games, PSP, computer games, clothes, shoes and you rock guitar at musicians friend. Sometimes it feels like I have two kids!

Splurge it just right

It’s not wrong to splurge on little (or big) things so long as you have the resources to do so. It’s also nice to balance everything by not over spoiling your children or anyone else that will eventually develop to dependence. Dependence from you or dependence on material things. I would like to call it– giving to a fault. It’s when you always give and forget to keep a little for the future and for yourself.

How about you, what small or simple things you splurge on? and WHY?