I always want to simplify life as much as possible and I apply this in my daily grind. I learned to prioritize and made my way through trial and errors to make my home life and work at home life as simple as it could be. Truthfully it’s different for every family so get what you can learn from my tips and apply it! Whatever works for you should be fine.









1. Make all things safe and needed reachable. I trained my daughter to get what she needs by herself so that I won’t be bothered standing from my work station a hundred times a day.

2. Rotate toys daily if not, at least thrice a week. Don’t let them get bored easily with what they have by reintroducing their old toys.

3. Have less clothing. It’s so hot and humid that it makes so much sense to let the kids wear less which of course means less clothes to wash.

4. Have a routine, a rhythm each day so the kid/s know what to expect from you.

5. Teach them household chores that are safe for them. Let them watch you cook or even help out. Let them clean up with you too. This way they know that cleaning is tedious but it’s a must.

6. Let them clean their own mess, pick up their toys and clean up after playtime or when they want to switch activities. Like when my daughter’s been playing with her cooking toys and then suddenly feels it’s time to ride her bike, she can’t touch the bike unless all of her toys are packed as it was before she started taking them out. Hard as it may sound but it’s helping them being responsible for their actions (and mess!).

7.  Let them sing and dance to whatever music they fancy. I found that music give my daughter so much energy when needed, entertainment and peace when she’s about to sleep.

8. Stick to a scheduled nap time as much as possible. I use the time to rejuvenate or do work tasks that needs concentration since all is quiet in the house when the kid’s in zzzzzzz land.

9. Have a basket of healthy, kid-friendly snack in the fridge and let the kids choose what they like to eat during snack time. Less cry, less fuss, less wrinkles.

10. Keep a pile of cleaning towels within in your kids’ reach so they can use it to clean up spills.

11. If they’re eating messy food (polvoron, ice cream on stick) let them eat it outside. If not, have them sit on the dining table and finish them and not to run around or walk around with the messy food in hand.

12. Have different art supplies for your kids to play and work on.

13. Compromise. It works well with kids too!

14. Sing with her and do silly stuff together but let her know that when Mommy’s working or in the phone, Mommy is serious and needs her time with her work.

15. Encourage them to read books. I let my daughter read books that we read before bed time or nap time and then at some nights we switch roles, she tells me the story and I pretend to sleep. It’s fun listening to her make up stories too.

16. Plan your meals and keep a no fuss recipe book for days when all things seem to go wrong.

17. Make a to do list at home, work and school. I keep 3 notebooks for my home to do lists, my work tasks, and Peaches notebook. I even gave 1 notebook for my assistant to list all things I need to know or she thinks the house needs.

18. Teach your kids to sleep through the night so you can have a great sleep and feel rejuvenated next morning.

When you figured how, let us know!

19.  Don’t expect things to be perfect every day.

20. Don’t get so wrapped up in the simple things that you forget to be a little over-the-top sometimes.