>Troy and I are together for six years now and I DREAM of another Sixty Years with him. It was not an easy road for us, we certainly had our fair share of pit bottom struggles but somehow we managed to pull it off together. We never broke up because we resolve everything before it gets out of hand.

After all those years, I learned that LOVE alone never survives. It entails effort, patience, trust and loyalty to flourish. I also learned that our partner is not a mind reader. I have to say what I need to say when I sense he’s not getting it. And most of all, lay down rules. Talk about the things you want and do not want to happen in your relationship and try your very best to protect your interests. As for me, I have two rules– HONESTY AND never ever break my TRUST. He knows I can never give my trust to someone who broke it–no matter what the reason is.

But, we have more to learn. I cannot speak for my husband but as for myself, I have to learn to feel comfortable when Troy’s away. I’ve been so attached to my husband that I feel awkward and weird when he’s not around. I have yet to learn that absence makes the heart grow fonder.
Luckily for me, he doesn’t seem to want to be apart either.

So, Cheers to the six years of bliss!