I mean come on, how many fat people do you know that are healthier than you? The point here is that there are several reasons why people are over weight and not just because they over eat . There’s genetic and hormonal imbalance to name a few.

So what does it take to be healthy if not weight? 


It’s your blood test and chem test. Go to the doctor and have yourself checked. You might have the body of a super model but you’re not free from any other illness. The same way that you’re overweight but turns out you passed all your medical tests with flying colors.

If you know that you’re overweight and you don’t do something about it to at least go down to your normal weight or maintain it, that my friend is your problem that will lead you to become unhealthy. The same way when you know you’re skinny and you keep on wanting to be skinny as opposed to maintaining your weight.

How about some other unhealthy habits that has nothing to do with weight? 


You’re thin and pretty but you smell!

You’re buff and chiseled but your breath can kill a rat from miles away.

That my friend is unhealthy (can I say it’s unhealthy for you and the people around you? lol)

For women, you have to keep your body and private parts clean. Be sure to at least take a bath twice a day, once in the morning and before going to bed at night. This way you are removing dirt and germs that you’ve acquired while doing about your duties the entire day. Women are prone to yeast arrest because of the nature of our body and the fact that we have monthly periods.

The key to becoming healthy is aligning your mind with your body and soul. Learn to love yourself and be conscious of what you do to your body and how it will react. The best way to tell if you’re healthy or not is listening to what your body has to say. If not, this is why we have healers called Doctors.