I wanted to be skinny (Don’t we all?). For the longest time I’ve been on the heavy side…I envy those who are blessed with skinny bodies and faster metabolism, they could eat more than a horse but they never get those flab. Don’t get me wrong. I want to be skinny..but fit. Just because your skinny doesn’t mean you’re fit. As a full time Mom, I want to be as fit as I can be for my daughter since she’s growing up and becoming a bit rougher everyday. What are the chances I’d lose weight? When my husband cooks for me…well most of time, when he’s not too tired. And when I crave for more food every minute! This started a week ago. I was craving for ice cream and ate a pint all by myfattingself. I thought it’s part of my pre-menstrual craving ( I have it monthly and last about a few days) but this has been a week now and I’m still craving for more. Maybe it’s menstrual craving? (since the red flag is up now)…whatever…so, I told T I should skip lunch because I didn’t want to gain weight again. He said P is more than a work out for me and I need the energy. Yeah maybe he’s right. ARRRGGGHHH. I now officially declare myself body image disturbed due to higher ego needs. Duh admit it…We live in a world of haves and have-nots, where each person is above some people and some below others on a pyramid that has very little room at the top. I don’t want to compete with anyone. Besides, I’m just a commoner Mom who wants to look good for her T and P. It’ s not as if people are paying me to be skinny. lol. Seriously, why are girls expected to welcome their newly blossoming womanhood with a diet? Why does our society rage against fat, especially fat women? How much more profound a message can we give to our daughters than to tell them their appetites must be reigned in, and their bodies submitted to external measures of acceptability, while we try to simultaneously tell them their choices in life are unlimited? Think. It’s still up to us if we put ourselves up to society’s pressure to be accepted and to fit. Personally, I gained pride with fat,,,,,FAT PRIDE!!!!! XOXO

Be good always,