I’ve been blog hopping and I checked on some of our
friends’ sites and found out most of them changed their
pages’ skin and its making me squint my eyes so I can read their posts.
I figured, if I highlight the entire page I can actually read it
without hurting my eyes! (Or did I get this idea
from T’s sister, Anna?)

I myself have been tinkering with my page’s skin.
I am trying to make it “reader-friendly” as much as I can.

I found out also that there’s a site that hosts free blogger skins
but decided not to use it. I think it’s too complicated
for my lazy hands to do tonight. Maybe I’ll change my mind later.

No pics for this post…

Oh, while you’re at it…Try checking on Anna’s page…
She can write—-a lot of potential for an incoming 7th-grader!
That’s what you get from reading a lot.
She’s into books eh and lucky for me,
I get to read whatever she had. :))
You might be surprised what teens like her
read now a days.