For the past few days I was downed with nausea and a bad case of dizziness that whenever I stand the world feels and looks like its spinning on my feet. I didn’t consult any physician because I knew what I was doing wrong that had caused me to be sick for 3 consecutive days. First it’s stress because there’s just too many events in a week that I crammed and wished that time in a day was enough to fulfill everything and made everything perfect and squeaky clean. I tried to make a day 30 hrs instead of your usual 24 and that brings me to the second cause, the lack of sleep. I sleep at 2AM and fully awake by 6:30AM, now that sounds like it’s a natural thing for you but not for someone who for the past months has been sleeping 6-8hrs a day. Third, remember I started on my quest to be healthier? Well I think I have overdone in a bit—-okay, didn’t overdo it…just did it wrong. See, I don’t eat at the right time because I had so much to do I forget and then when I finally do, I tend to binge. Come dinner time, I don’t eat rice (except on cheat day) and then dear husband and I head to the gym for our nightly¬†exercise which usually lasts 45mins to an hour.












So there, I have been over worked and over stressed (physically and mentally) that my body just craved the rest it needed and pushed me off my feet when I stand so I’d just sit still or lay down. Now I realize (with a lot of thinking time laying around with my eyes closed), that sleep is worth my time because if I abuse it, it’ll take a whole chunk of time just so sleep could get in to me.











I see now that there should be balance— the right one. Not the balance I THINK IS RIGHT. I am finally accepting that my multi-tasking can do harm to myself more than others, that a slip or two can happen and having an imperfect and cluttered house is okay (once in a while), that dialing that delivery number will save you when you’re just too blah to cook and lastly, a 10-minute quiet time will do wonders in your too occupied day.















So friends, make sleep a vital part of your life. It’s when we are most relaxed that great ideas come to mind, it’s when our bodies¬†recuperate from the abusive day that had been, it’s the perfect time to weave dreams that you can make into reality and best of all, sleep is when our mind is in sync with the Universe. I know because I learned and now, I’m good as ever before!