>For the longest time, Peaches was sleeping at irregular hours at night but I knew it was going to be hard for both of us if it continued so I made steps to make her sleep on a regular hour. It was a success (I think) because now she’s able to sleep between 8:30PM to 9PM–BUT not after numerous tossing and turning in her bed, crying over nothing, 8oz of milk, a hug and a kiss from Mommy, prayers, good nights to her toys and dolls and finally picking and biting on her blanky. It is I think the hardest part of my day but when I see her sleep soundly, the feeling of serenity and content overwhelm me.

There are “good” nights when she’s too sleepy and too tired to fight her sleepiness and would just want to lie down and close her eyes, those are the rare nights when I can truly maximize my time at night and I’m thankful to have those once in a while.

The worse nights are when I’m too tired but she’s not. These times, I easily lose my patience and would just want to walk away and lock myself in the bathroom. And when I do that my heart bleeds when she pounds the bathroom door, crying for Mommy. *sigh*

That’s one part of a Mom’s ups and downs 🙂

The waking every 2 hours or so is another issue…