Press Release

August 23, 2011

Pascual Laboratories

Are you still confused with which fiber is the best for a balanced diet? Well, you don’t have to be! All the fiber you need is already found in just one plant: Psyllium.

Psyllium provides a great amount of soluble fiber, the fiber that is mainly responsible for promoting a healthy digestive system. Once Psyllium comes into contact with water in the intestine, it expands and transforms into a highly absorbent gel-like substance that absorbs toxins. Dr. Ardith Tan, Assistant Professor of the Department of Medicine in De La Salle Health Sciences Institute, and consultant cardiologist at De La Salle University Medical Center, states, “Once the fiber is inside the intestine, it acts as like a sponge and absorbs bad cholesterol, fats and waste material. Afterwards, these toxins, which may be the cause of several diseases, are flushed out even before it enters the blood stream.”

And if you are watching your weight, then Psyllium is for you. Because the fiber expands in the stomach, it helps provide feelings of satiety for a longer span of time.  This then helps curb the habit of overeating or unhealthy eating in general. With Psyllium, managing weight will no longer be a difficult task for food-lovers.

Many scientific studies, like those conducted by The American Journal of Clinic Nutrition, have also shown that Psyllium helps lower high cholesterol.  Dr. Tan reiterates, “Psyllium’s effect on serum cholesterol levels has been tested in numerous studies and has proven to be quite substantial in lowering bad cholesterol.”

Although there are other foods that are “high in fiber,” like black beans, cereals or oats, nothing quite compares to the amount of fiber Psyllium offers.  Every 100 grams of Psyllium is equivalent to 71 grams of soluble fiber, while 100 grams of oat bran can only give 5 grams of soluble fiber.

The great news is that there is now an easy way for you to enjoy all the health benefits of Psyllium with C-Lium Fibre! Because it’s made from 100% natural psyllium husk, C-Lium Fibre has up to 14 times more fiber than oatmeal or cereal.  One tablespoon of C-Lium everyday is all it takes to get a powerhouse of fiber needed by your body.

A product of Pascual Laboratories, C-Lium Fibre is available in two forms. It comes in a convenient jar or packed in a sachet, ready to mix into your favorite drink; or, if you are the type who’s on-the-go, it is also available in easy-to-swallow capsules. With either of these options as part of your daily diet, it’s easy to get healthy, naturally!  Start living light and living right with the smarter fiber choice – C-Lium Fibre!