I love it when big companies like J&J, pay it forward. Aside from bringing to our homes beautiful and useful products that we all grew up with, they are providing us with information and helpful tips to strengthen us, the Filipino families. I was able to attend their campaign on better bathing and bonding for Moms and babies few weeks back and I am awestruck by the plethora of ideas and information given to the guests. There were expert speakers who spoke of their specialties, from bathing to touch therapy and even a delightful discussion on the sense of smell.

I’d like to share these powerful graphics I got from J&J’s so much more campaign.

Bath Time Report -- PHILIPPINES (1) Bath Time Report -- PHILIPPINES (2)

Reading the infographic above, it got me into thinking about my own baby’s bath time. We’ve set up a bath time for her everyday but it doesn’t take us 20 minutes. I am scared that she’ll catch a cold if we do. The time we spend in the bathroom is around 10 minutes tops. How about you?

Here’s another graphic on what the sense of smell and touch does to our babies:


2015-02-20 16_15_16-Science of the Sense -- Smell and Touch

It was a very nice event for me. I came home with a lot of knowledge and even more determined to make my daughters’ bonding with me happy and memorable.