>I was at the mall today doing errands when I decided to stop by at Goldilock’s and buy P and T their favorites. I then over heard a guy questioning the sales lady on how they cook their palabok 🙂
As in with all the, “how do you cook your noodles?”, What are the ingredients on the sauce?”
it seems to me the guy wanted to know Goldilock’s recipe 🙂 I bet he could have Googled it instead.

Anyhoo, it made me into thinking how some people can really pry without hesitation. I mean at some situations it could be helpful to pry but on most, it’s not. Most people want to be left alone and value privacy so much. I know because I want my own space too and I cherish it too much that I think a part of me will be lost when I’m deprived.

Funny how a simple palabok story made me think and reflect. 🙂