There was an article in LA Times that Moms should all read about.

Watching a few minutes of a show about an “animated sponge that lives under the sea” impaired 4-year-olds’ executive function, University of Virginia researchers found

And to back this up, I also have read about how too much TV can affect a child’s brain growth (in a bad way). ¬†And how Amish has lower Autism rates…Find out what they think.

The challenge with parenting a small and growing child is keeping them at a safe allowance on watching TV and keeping them from throwing tantrums when the time limit is over. I know some parents make their kids watch TV just to keep them quiet and so the parent/s can rest or have some ME time.

Lucky for me, I was able to stir Peaches away from too much cartoons. I’d rather she play soccer inside the house than slouch in the sofa.

How about you what are your thoughts after reading the articles above?