We all can’t deny that television and the awesome shows we watch from it is one of the reasons why we sit together as family and watch our family’s favorite show or movie. Some families have taken it to the next level by buying Internet TVs where they can both watch and surf. Of course, it costs so much that it would surely put a dent on a regular household’s budget (like ours!).


Fortunately, PLDT Home Fibr is launching their latest innovation that will bring ordinary household to a higher level. Now your ordinary TV can be turned into the smartest it can be. Thanks to PLDT’s TVolution which gives your TV an Internet powered by a seamless connection from PLDT Home Fibr.

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With PLDT TVolution you can experience cinema quality movies right in your own living room. Stream your favorite movies from the 200 blockbuster choices you have. You can also connect upto 3 TVs in a single subscription.

A few days ago, Pinay Mommy ADreamer was with other bloggers at Shangri-la Mall for the launching and demonstration of TVolution on PLDT HOME Fibr. Plenty of curious mall goers were captivated by PLDT’s latest innovation. Imagine, an ordinary TV (with HDMI adapter) can be turned into an Internet TV!

So how much does the TVolution cost?

  1. For PLDT HOME Fibr subscribers: on top of your subscription, just pay P199/month
  2. For PLDT HOME DSL subscribers, your subscription must not be lower than 3Mbps to fully enjoy PLDT TVolution (Plan 999 or higher)
  3. No cash out
  4. Lock-in period of 24 months

Specs of PLDT TVolution:

  1. Android device
  2. Compatible with any TV that has an HDMI port
  3. Comes pre-loaded with the following Apps:
  • Clickplay – watch Hollywood blockbuster movies
  • My Pinoy TV – watch well-loved Teleseryes, Korean Novelas, and more
  • News5 – get the latest local news
  • KnAppsack – download more apps from PLDT such as EA Games and Spinnr
  • Browser – standard Internet browser to surf sites such as Google, Facebook, or YouTube
  • Kingsoft Open Office – create and edit documents for office and personal use
  1. You can use the Telpad as a remote control by downloading the remote control app
  2. USB flash drive
  3. Micro SD drive

You can call PLDT HOME Fibr hotline 101-FIBR for your application or visit http://pldthome.com/ TVolution/