My BIL, Pirkko, sent me this blog from Biyahilo.
The author’s photos as he claimed it,
were “used” by the Boy and Kris talk show
but didn’t ask permission from him.
No mention of his blog whatsoever.
In my own opinion, the segment producers
and the writers are at fault here. Not the entire show. Not the network.
Not even Boy and Kris.
They wouldn’t know it was stolen.
(Correct me if I’m wrong)

I know of some people who
sued media companies for violating
photographers’ copyright and intellectual property.
I hope ABS-CBN management will act on this.
When will people learn the “power” of blogging?

I hope Biyahilo gets what should have been
his “right”. And I hope those who stole it
would pay for their actions.
Nothing’s for free these days!

Enjoy reading.