My kids’ health is very important, and I often do what I can to make sure that they’re ok by eating the right foods and staying away from things that are bad for them. I do the same, and steer clear of things like junk food and cigarettes. There was a time when I smoked regularly, but stopped after learning about the damage it was doing to my own health, not to mention that of those around me. Using an electronic cigarette from, I was able to quit in next to no time.

Quit Smoking

While smoking regularly can do long-term damage to your health, make breathing more difficult and alter your appearance making you look much older, it’s the damage that second-hand smoke does to those around you which should do plenty to persuade you to kick the habit. Second-hand smoke can enter their lungs as well as yours, and smoking around the same people such as family members routinely can make things worse for them.

Aside from second-hand smoke, smoking around your family, especially your kids can have other damaging effects. As a mom, I try to live right in the hope that my kids will follow in my footsteps. However, if I were to do something bad like smoking right in front of them, they might think that it’s normal, and will start to copy me when they get older. I don’t want to see this happen, which is why I stopped smoking before I became a mom. If you’re a mom and you smoke, you should do all you can to quit for yourself and your family’s sake