>My mom’s still pursuing a lifelong dream degree and so some nights she’s got her hands full of heavy textbooks to read thus making her not-so young eyes (anymore) to squint when stressed. Often times I see her squinting on the monitor when typing her reports. I know she should be getting her eyes checked and get an eyeglasses but she wouldn’t have any of it because eyeglasses are expensive in the States. It’s not as if they have Quiapo there for cheap finds.

Luckily, there are cheap but stylish eyeglasses that starts at $8 offered by Zenni Optical.
They have different styles that would cater any age, male or female. The best deal about this is ALL eyeglasses (including the $8 ones) comes with so many freebies like anti scratch coating!
So wondering why their products sell cheap? It’s because they sell their own manufactured lens and sell it directly to us (customers). No middlemen and no advertising budget. Now, there’s a nice business strategy there. With financial crisis on our backs, we definitely need more sellers like Zenni Optical.
Here’s a clip from Chicago Tribune about ZenniOptical which raved about their product.

This is a perfect chance to save on really good quality eyeglasses. Surely I would finally find a good but cheap eyeglasses for my Mom and I might also look one for hubbie and myself!

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