Peaches and I enjoy reading stories together. It helped that her school sends 1 story book per week which we both enjoy reading and dreaming about. Reading broadens your child’s imagination and creativity. It allows them to think outside the box too which I have seen with my little P. Here’s an article sent over to me that I know Moms like myself would love to know and read about too.


Reading with Kids

Some people daydream about being fairy princesses with long golden hair; others pretend to be superheroes on a mission to save the world. And if you have an active imagination, it could easily take you places.

“My daughter Isa and I would have such wonderful adventures before bedtime,” says 35-year old Mia, an HR manager at a multinational firm and doting mom of two. “One night, we would be two bears on the search for food, and then the next time, we would be walking down the hallways of Hogwarts,” she adds.

Because with stories, anything can happen.

Storytelling was used to pass down myths and legends from one generation to another, but how much of it remains today? With the emergence of TV shows, video games and iPad apps, storytelling has taken a backseat in most households.

“When I was a kid, my cousins and I would sleep over in my Lola’s house every weekend and she would allow us to stay up all night, just so we could hear her stories. It was a big part of my childhood. With my kids [Isa, now 8 and Marco, 5], I made sure that stories would be a part of their childhood,” Mia adds.

But what is it about storytelling that parents need to know?

“Storytelling allows children to develop not only their creativity, but their thinking capability. When children are invited to contribute their own thoughts and ideas, they become motivated to come up with new concepts. They develop the ability to translate abstract ideas into words, pictures, or actions,” says Dr. Lillian Leynes-Juadiong, an expert on child development from UP Diliman.

Better yet, children are not the only ones who benefit from storytelling.

“Storytelling is also a very easy way for parents to bond and learn with their children,” says Juadiong. “Not only is it enjoyable for both the parents and the kids, but they can also teach practical lessons like values – these can be done through the right kinds of stories, which children are more inclined to listen to and retain it in their minds.”

But with jam-packed schedules and one too many To-Do lists, parents think they are often too swamped to indulge in storytelling with their children. Fortunately, it’s much easier than one may think.

“Before you tuck your kids into bed, ask them about their day,” advised Juadiong. “That in itself is already a great way to get your children to get into a storytelling mode.” Pair it with a glass of NIDO FORTIFIED, and you have the perfect recipe for a calm night and enjoyable bonding moment with your kid.

“Storytelling is a two-way activity. Through sharing stories with each other, parents and children grow closer and strengthen their bonds. The shared activity of storytelling lets them communicate, listen and learn about each other,” concluded Juadiong.