In this day and age of iPads and Galaxy Tabs, parents have deviated away from the classic yet equally entertaining game of bingo. But more than the chance of winning tons of prizes, the lifeblood of the game runs deep in the roots of our family tree.

family bingo

Played fondly by millions of people worldwide, bingo has opened doors for acquaintances to become close friends, and a community of enthusiastic individuals to form a tight bond while sharing the same passion. Though the game may be perceived to only suit our old folks’ lifestyle, it continually proved itself to endure the test of time with a little boost from technology.

Bingo has a certain charm that attracted our previous generations. And no one can blame them. The stimulating idea of marking the winning numbers while forming the right combination is enough to get them an endorphin shot to the arm and release a blissful happiness that will last even until their daubers ran out of ink. Of course our generation cannot fully grasp the true essence of the traditional bingo. However, we are all fortunate enough to live in an era where Facetime, foxybingo, and WeChat are available within arm’s reach. Basically, technology has a way of linking our family’s generation gap.

Technology allowed our elders to develop a common ground with the younger generation through the utilization of the internet, while getting that nostalgic feeling that comes from playing a game they used to love when they were younger. It presented them with a practical approach in communicating with their loved ones overseas. And it has provided them with an avenue to reconnect with their former friends and colleagues. With the proper use of technology, we as parents, have an effective multi-purpose tool in building a sturdy tree house that will serve as a communal base for sheltering our past and present generations.