This post is inspired by an article by line I read from Facebook… It says, Babies ruin Bodies.

I’m not sure what the article was about because I stopped reading and I was gagging (blame my hormones, will you?) Admittedly, I’m not one of the lucky ones who came out polished and spick and span after their pregnancy— like the super models we know. But that does not make me feel any less. In fact, I learned to embrace my body, stretch mark and dark spots and all that shnitz.



Oh, yeah my daughter said… “Mom, you look like a fat mermaid”. LOL. 

There are ways to lessen stretch mark by using cocoa butter, olive oil or coconut oil. Some Moms swear to these concoctions. My only problem is, I’m too lazy to slather my belly with oil or butter. Plus our tropical weather isn’t helping at all. It makes me feel sticky and hot all day. (blech!) To double it’s effect, you need to put it on twice- once in the morning after you shower and before bed time. (I wish I have the patience to slather them)

The thing is… they don’t seem to disappear. I don’t know about you, but mine’s still here and just added more lines during my 2nd pregnancy. I mean so what’s the whole point of putting butter and oil when it’s just still gonna be there?

How about you, how bad is your stretch mark?