When I decided I want to be a work at home Mom, I knew things will change in the house and in my relationship with my husband. I was determined to earn while at home and still be able to personally tend to my daughter and maintain the upkeep of our home. It wasn’t easy but gradually my family-work balance fell into the right rhythm because (thank God!), my husband supports me all the way.











If you’re thinking of being a work at home Mom (WAHM), discuss it with your husband because he’s on it more than you both realize. To help you start, let me give you few tips on how I achieved my family-work-life balance.

1. First of all accept that things will change once you become a WAHM. Things inside the house, your time with your child, time with your husband and time for yourself. It’s a REAL job that will need your time and FULL attention especially if you’re starting from scratch.

2. Your husband should accept and expect changes. He can’t expect that the house is as clean as before, that the pantry is well stocked as before and most of all, that you’re less tired than before.

3. When I started working, I was at war with myself because I wanted to excel on everything all at the same time. I wanted to be my best in every aspect and I thought it would come easy and fast. But ladies, it does not. You need to adjust because your tasks need to change, you’re faced with the unexpected every day.

Learn the best routine that works. As for me, I either wake up at 6:30 to take a bath and have more time for myself before the day starts or I do it after my loves leave. I dedicate my 7am to 8am to my daughter and husband looking after their needs while they prepare for school and office. I also eat breakfast with them. My daughter and I do our daily study time at 5PM onward and I make sure that my work stops at 7PM because it’s the time my husband gets home. Whatever unfinished tasks I had will have to wait until my fambam rests for the night.

4. Take care of yourself. If you’re working online chances are you tend to neglect your needs such as eating healthy, exercise and vitamins. BELIEVE ME I KNOW (and if my husband is reading this, he can take that smirk out of his face now lol). Good news is, after 4 years, I am finally taking my step to being healthy (after x pounds gained). You have been warned.

5. Make your husband understand that what you’re doing is REAL work and even though you appear to NOT WORK because you’re in the Internet (ehem Facebook-ing?) you’re actually doing something and it’s tiring!

I’m lucky that when my husband sees me curled up in bed or hidden somewhere with a book, he knows I’m stressed, tired and needs time to rest. He does not make me feel guilty that I ACTUALLY TAKE A REST.

6. People will always say that your work is EASY, it’s PLAY, etc. Learn to shrug it off and just secretly laugh at how naive they can get.

7. Being a WAHM is a privilege. Be grateful and do it right and fair. I learned to use the 80/20 rule (Pareto Principle) and it’s been great!

8. It also entails sacrifices and you should accept help. Accept that you might actually need to hire someone to help you with the household chores because you can’t be at 3 places at the same time. Sacrifice some time because your work can be demanding.

9. There’s a reason why I call it Family-Work-Life balance. Family first above all things. I make sure that people I work with knows, respects and understands that. Work comes second because it’s a gift and you should cherish it and nurture it. Life pertains to you and your life outside work and family. Take a break once in a while, breathe and refresh because you need it.

10. Ultimately, ask yourself if being a WAHM is for you. Are you prepared to sit in front of your computer all day with no one to talk to but yourself? Can you live without going out of the house for days? Will you be able to manage pressure, temptation and boredom?

If yes, you’re a step closer to becoming a WAHM!

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