Scorching heat, sweaty days and sunblock demands- we are definitely into Summer.

Where’s your family heading and spending the 2013 Summer?

I’m no fan of too much heat. I do like beach weather because of the breeze but not the heat we get around the Metro during Summertime so a US trip has been planned and slated. It’s Spring there so we will be experiencing a bit of the nippy weather. I’d prefer a winter vacation but maybe next year. Spring though is nice since we want the little girl to see the flowers bloom and feel comfortable walking around sans heavy jackets or winter gears.

We will find a class for the little girl in the States so she can still have something to do on some days since we’re staying at my parents for 2 months. We’ll be visiting other counties and possibly fly to the West Coast but not sure yet.

We’re bound to leave on April 3rd and I am 40% done with packing. I hope to accomplish it today. HOPE because we are to attend several get┬átogether┬átoday and tomorrow.

Here’s Peaches saying goodbye to Ted.


Anyways, please do share your summer activities!