I’m on my second trimester and I’ve slightly gained back my appetite but I’m still very picky with the food I eat. I just weighed in today and I didn’t gain any since last month! I’m really worried but my OB kept telling me it should be fine since I do take  my vitamins and I eat well. Does that mean my baby’s getting all the nutrients? Instead of storing it as my own fat? Oh I hope!


So here are the pregnancy super foods I’ve gathered from the net and I hope pregnant Moms will find it helpful:

1. Eggs – it came as a shocker for me but I’m glad it’s great for prego! I eat 1 hard boiled egg for my mid morning snack since I am perpetually hungry even after a nice meal.

2. Salmon- compared to other seafood, Salmon has fewer amount of methylmercury which can be harmful to our babies. Plus it is a good source of Omega-3 fatty acid which is essential for our baby’s development.

3. Beans – personally, I like lentils and string beans. They’re great source for protein, fiber, iron, folate, calcium and zinc.

4. Oatmeal- for breakfast and snacks! This helps lower cholesterol especially when you’re craving for too much sweets and non-prego friendly food.

5. Fruits- Bananas, oranges, grapes, berries, apples– surely we can”t go wrong with these fruits! Need I explain more?

6. Cheese- Calcium source galore! Your baby’s developing bones needs tons of calcium and you need them too. It’s always a good idea to eat Calcium rich food to supplement your diet.

7. Green leafy vegetables – at this point, fiber should be your best bud. We are prone to constipation and we don’t want that.

8. Plain ol’ yogurt- now, I don”t like yogurt but if it’s good for my babe, I’ll eat it for snack. One cup of plain yogurt has more Calcium than a glass of milk, they say.

9. Nuts- brain food!

10. Lean meat- as much as possible choose to eat lean meat. They are excellent high protein source and will store lesser fats than other meat cuts.

Aside from food, a pregnant woman needs all the support she needs during this time. We often feel like the biggest and fattest person in the world specially when hormones come surging in. At this point, we do need a bit of tender loving care and understanding. A serenade using a Dean Markley guitar strings wouldn’t be so bad.