My Yaya for the longest time left us for the province last Dec 2007 . Hubbie got a replacement in no time. The contract was, P2500 salary and twice a month day-off. On her first day (the new helper), T had to get her from Alabang and she asked for an ADVANCE P1000 (oh divah). T gave in. The first week was OK . I trained her and showed her how I want things to be done. Come next Friday, she asked T for a day off and told T she needs to be home for her children (both boys ages 15 and 12) and asked for her salary…I reacted…Didn’t she had her ADVANCE??? but the helper insisted…hayyy…so ok we gave her 500. She then told us it’s better if she gets her salary weekly and that she needs to go home every SATURDAY and will be back on MONDAY. Damn! That was the start. We gave in AGAIN. Come her first MONDAY…She was supposed to be back at least 6am (she was the one who said 6am ha) but to my dismay she arrived almost 10am!!!! WITH HER YOUNGEST SON in tow. Hayyyyyy….T talked to her and said she should have asked permission if she wanted to bring her son with her.

But the biggest blow is today. We agreed that she won’t be having her off last Saturday so she could be home on Holy Thursday…BUT she made an excuse that she didn’t want to be left ALONE last Saturday (Every weekend, we spend the night with my in-laws which she knows beforehand). Today, she was again LATE! (arrived 9:45am) and with her youngest son AGAIN.
That was the end of T’s patience. He scolded the helper and said she demands too much and that what was agreed on never happens…What makes matter worse is that the helper kept on answering back trying to reason out which angered T more.

T’s sleeping his anger off. ANd the helper’s ironing our clothes. But she’s all dressed up and kinda masungit when I saw her a while ago…I’m thinking she’s just finishing all the day’s work and leave…for good. Well, honestly I don’t know if it’s for the best. T thinks we should replace her. I’m more of sorry for the helper. But she should work (as if her work her is hard) to feed her sons. Sacrifice.

Quoting T: “yung problema niya sa mga anak niya parang problema din natin ah!”

Which is true. We’re all affected and it’s stressing me out.

I hope we could find peace with this issue. Whether she continue working with us or not.

**** I just realized we couldn’t bring her on Friday. We are going to check-in on one of the hotels at Greenbelt over the weekend. I don’t have to spend for her son noh!…ehhhh!!!!****