Today I had a nice conversation with a friend and it made me realize that never did my Mom lent me anything. Why? It’s because whatever I asked or whatever I wanted to borrow, she gave. I never had to borrow jewelries because she said I can use anything she owns as long as she knows I have them. I never had to borrow her gadgets because I was free to use them. I can’t think of anything lying around our house that’s not shared – just let them know you are using them.

This is what I want Peaches to learn too. I want her to understand that whatever her Dad and I own, she owns. Saying this, I also understand that teaching this to Peaches could come really close to making her touch things that are private like wallets, cellphones and money. It is crucial to teach her about boundaries.
So far I think I’m getting there; she will always ask permission if she wants to borrow my bag or her Nannie’s bag to “go to the bank or go to the office”.

This I think is the start of showing my child how to be giving. A first step on making her understand what sharing and giving means. She’s going to be an only child for a long time (that’s what we planned) and I can see how difficult it would be for her to share her toys or just about anything with her friends so it’s up to me to enforce to her the virtue of giving and sharing. You know, values do not grow on trees 🙂

And with that let me just say that I am not going to be a parent who gives something to her child and expects something in return or worse demand something in return. I may not be the most giving person in the whole wide world but for my child, I could be.